Brown's General Store Thursdays: Thursday 27 August, 2020

Hello Lovely Ones! 
Ooh, they're big weeks aren't they... So, unfortunately we've had a cluster of new covid cases in Brisbane this week which meant that we had to cancel the Brown's Pop Up. But we're doing a few nice things this week online instead:

* We have free shipping on all orders
* 10% off storewide with the code 'PopUp' 
* Every customer this week goes in the draw to win a pair of Denz and Co earrings

It's not the same, and of course we're sad we won't get to see everyone, but this is the situation right now isn't it and we adapt and change as we need... 

Father's Day Gift Ideas Guide 

I've created a little gift guide for the fathers, grandads, special uncles, lovely friends and other father-figures in people's lives ready for Father's day which is 1.5 weeks away. There are some lovely gift ideas - handmade goodies, beautiful cookbooks, and most importantly chocolate, delicious, quality chocolate... 

New Things at Brown's

Now, it's only a smattering, but we received some more Woodside Ceramics this week. I looked on their website and saw these new black clay cups and begged them for some, as they are just utterly spectacular! Made from black clay with these most lush, mottled glazes, I adore these two tumblers, which are an amazing size - perfect for coffee, tea, whiskey or I can imagine drinking red wine from them. 

I also got a couple of sweet soap dishes that feature a pretty imprint of a waratah flower on them. They are such delightful little pieces, and would be such a pretty gift. 

We also received a selection of pieces from the wonderful Melanie Hardy Ceramics this week. I have been stocking Mel for a couple of years at Brown's, but her brand was previously called Skye and Kate. She has recently done a rebrand and has created a new range of special pieces, all of which I fell in love with! The homewares pieces, such as the rainbows are so special, but then her range of earrings are also just lovely and really affordable. 

I was going to launch Mel's new range as part of the pop up this weekend, so I'm sad not to be able to do that, but so excited to have such an amazing selection from her! 

Finally, I wanted to show the range of stunning Aquarelle cards we have in stock at the moment! We've stocked Aquarelle for awhile at Brown's and have always adored the captivating illustrations done by the wonderful Melanie Kienzle here in Brisbane. The images are simple, but unique and detailed, and the cards are such high quality and are printed locally. I always like to have pretty cards on hand to send a note to a friend or family member, and these would be perfect! 

Small Shop Network
The Panton Store, Prahan, Melbourne

Another Melbourne shop this week, and then I'll give some other locations a showing I promise! But, wow, this shop, I just want everything in it... it's The Panton Store

Owner Shelley Panton is an amazing potter and this divine store evolved from her making as she was looking for a studio space, and then decided to make a shop of loveliness too, and it is true loveliness. She has wonderful books, lots of plants, amazing pottery, furniture, homewares and more. When we're past this year of yuck and I can get down south to my family again I am running to this shop when I'm there. 

Here are some of the pieces I am now lusting after!


Things to Share!

Hmm, now to think what I've done this week? Lots of 1 year old focused things and then lots of cooking and cleaning, haha! 

But I have to admit that I gave up on the Alain de Botton novel, look it was good, but I don't know, it just felt clunky with the pieces of philosophy interpersed. I have started reading American Dirt, which has been highly controversial. Oprah said she was hooked from the first page, I'm not that hooked to be honest, I feel like I'm a tough nut to please with books at the moment, it's just that I read three great books in a row and now everything kind of pales...

I watched a really sweet film on Netflix called Finding Your Feet with lots of incredible English actors in it - Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrie, Timothy Spall. It was light, with just enough sadness, and really very watchable. 

I've been watching The Clinton Affair which I recommended last week based on the advice of friends, but hadn't watched yet, I'm two episodes in now, and it's good. And also being repetitious I watched the Ahn Do episode with Anna Meares, and it's superb!

Well first thing on the list of things to do this week is for you to scrounge in your cupboard for that handwritten chutney recipe, or call your Granny and ask for her family-famous shepherd's pie recipe. It's happening Babes, our community is going to create a community cookbook and together raise money for Australian domestic violence charities. I have a plan about how to go forward, but the first thing I need to know is that we will have some delicious recipes to include. So please send me your favourite family recipes, and let's get started! 

Bookshops are just wondrous aren't they! And across the country bookshops are hosting incredible online events to keep us reading and engaged in literature. Avid Reader in Brisbane has a number of zoom events coming up, including one with Sarah Wilson about her new book. Readings in Melbourne has a heap of great zoom events happening, including one with our beloved Hetty McKinnon in late September for her new book! Better Read than Dead in Sydney has some too, including one with Jane Harper at the beginning of October. So get reading Peeps... 

Also Readings has announced their shortlist for the 2020 Readings Prize for New Australian fiction, it looks good and includes this book 'A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing' which I have heard is incredible and I can't wait to read! 

I found this fab article on the Lunch Lady website about DIY Skin and Hair Care, making your own with ingredients from home. This sounds like a good self-care activity, and cheap, because it's all things we have in the house!

Now, I'm very much a novice, but as you've seen I have been trying to develop my skills in the garden, I would like to have a thriving veggie patch in about 6-12 months. Recently I found that CERES in Melbourne is offering all kinds of online courses, some of them are beyond me, but there are great one for novices too on composting and growing herbs. It's a great time to learn a new skill! 

Remember how good scones are! It's Eddie's birthday this week and I thought amongst the birthday food I would make some scones with jam and cream, because they are truly delicious. Here is a fab recipe for them from the Australian Women's Weekly. 

I don't mean to return to Julia Busuttil Nishimura's recipes every week, but they are just so good and I found this one for an amazing looking salad on the Design Files, with brussel sprouts, which are a wholly underrated food! 

A new film is released on Stan tomorrow about singer Helen Reddy who I don't know a huge amount about. But reading this article she sounds like a boss and I now can't wait to watch this film! 

Frankie featured Japanese artist Fujita Satomi on their website this week and I thought her work was so cute and quirky I wanted to share it with you! 

My friend Brigitte recommended this show to me last week Women on the Verge on the ABC. I haven't got to watch it yet, but it looks right up my alley! 

She also recommended Julia Gillard's new podcast, which again I haven't had time to listen to yet, but I find Julia totally interesting and some of the guests sound fascinating!

And finally for this week, ceramicist Adele Macer is offering online pottery tutorials about how to make a range of different things! A couple are free, and the others you need to pay for, but they're sure to be great, her ceramics are beautiful.

I hope you're all doing ok this week, I had a bit of a stumble when things changed again up here, so I'm back to a bit of a self-care routine to reduce my anxiety right now... This is long and hard, and I know that I am not experiencing anywhere near the extent of it that those in Victoria are. I hope this email has some nice things to engage and distract, and please know it is filled with so much love for everyone who reads it, I hope it provides a little pop of niceness in a hard time.

Love and hugs

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