Brown's General Store Thursdays: Thursday 3 September, 2020

Hello Lovely Hearts!

I'm sorry I'm a bit late getting to write this email this week. It really is a great pleasure for me to write each week (even though it's a bit of work too) but some days it just gets pushed back with all the life stuff. I've been a bit down in a dumps this week, the change and the difficulty of this year kind of hit me, and poor Walt was sick again with an ear infection (but we got to see an ENT today so we have a plan, yay!). 

Anyway, I won't go on about difficult things, but I just wanted to share this and I hope you're all doing ok and if you're not that's ok too, we're all having those times... 

But, on with lots of lovely things to share this week, I've got SO much to share this week! 

Firstly! The Brown's Community Cookbook is coming together, yay. I now have about 10 recipes and I'm seeking 30 to 40 more, so please do send them. I'm so excited as already we have a mix of really wonderful recipes for Japanese dishes, sweet treats, easy family meals, it's going to be good. Please send your recipes through via email

New Things at Brown's 

We've got some lovely newness this week, first up is some divine jewellery from Navah... 

You know I only relaunched Brown's 3 weeks ago today, and I have probably been asked 20 times when Navah will be back! Well beautiful Alice is stocking us once more with a gorgeous range of her handcrafted, entirely unique, stunning jewels. You'll see an incredible rang of her earrings is now online, all available in gold and silver, and I'll talk to her about necklaces too if people are keen? Alice lives just near us in The Gap, and she creates glorious jewellery with unique gems and stones, all with her signature wire wrapping and dot details. They're truly knockout, incredible pieces. 

Arriving tomorrow or Monday are more gorgeous Judith Hoffman ceramics! Gosh I love Judith's simple but stunning aesthetic. Unfortunately Judith is in lockdown in Victoria at the moment and isn't able to access her studio, including her pottery wheel and kiln, so she has limited pieces available. She has kindly kept supplying me, and I am so grateful, and so happy I can support her during this time. 

Also this week we've got some glorious new necklaces by Brisbane maker Salvage and String. Sarah lives over near Caitlin, and Caitlin has loved her pieces for ages, so we are super excited to have them at Brown's now! Each necklace is made from objects found around the globe, so the colours and shapes are glorious and fresh and interesting. We've just got a smattering, but I hope you love them as much as we do so we can get more soon... 

And finally for this week, I was SO hoping this would have arrived by today but it will be here early next week, the gorgeous new cookbook by Julia Bussuttil Nishimura! It looks delicious, and it has been selling out, so you can pre order your copy for when they come in next week. Plus there's some other gorgeous new books arriving too... 

Small Shop Network

The Happen Store, Annandale, NSW

Another week, another delightful small shop, this week it's the incredible The Happen Store in Sydney. 

Another shop I haven't been to, but am dying to visit. It's a mixed, amazing space where people craft and create, but then they sell lovely things too. They don't have everything on their web store, but in their physical shop they have all kinds of local ceramics, and other crafted homewares. And their classes look so amazing - weaving, patching and mending, wreath making. I will try and get down there sometime. 

Now, I'm not a good crafter, but if I was, I'd love to do this embroidery panel they have for sale. I think my Mum is going to flip out reading this, she'll love it... 

Things to Share

Well I gave up on American Dirt (if anyone wants my copy email me, if you pay the postage it's yours, it's basically brand new), and am now reading Goodwood by Holly Throsby which so far is excellent. I love Holly's music, and she's clearly a gifted writer too.

I watched this week's Australian Story, it was heartbreaking and incredible. About the story of Scott Johnson, I won't say anymore as you need to watch, but this amazing sibling bond, it's a special story.

I wanted to share these perfect brooches that our gorgeous Bonnie Hislop has created, um they just say everything that needs to be said right now... 'better luck next year'. 

This delicious one pan fish dish has me salivating looking at the picture - fish, leeks, capers, beans, all the goodness, and one pan so easy! 

On her podcast Leigh Sales recommended watching these youtube clips of these delightful twins listening to classic songs for the first time. Here is one of them listening to Phil Collins 'In the Air Tonight' and it's glorious, wait til they hear the drum solo in the middle, I was smiling ear to ear, I'd love to hear that for the first time again, it would blow your mind! 

More music this week! I've not looked at this for awhile, but Sydney Opera House still isn't open and so their digital season continues, and it's epic!  Amazing concerts like Air live, orchestral shows, plus comedians. It's so good! 

I heard about an interesting podcast which came out a few months ago, it's by Marc Fennell and it's called It Burns, it's about a competition to grow the hottest chilli, but it gets pretty sinister by the sounds of it, I'm totally intrigued... 

Trent Dalton has a new book coming out, he's such a good writer... It's not for awhile but I saw that he's doing an event with Clare Bowditch (my goddess) in early October online through Readings (I think it'll sell out). We saw Trent running in the Gap the other day, I breathily told Nick who he was, we both squealed a bit...

The Queensland Art Gallery is offering a FREE online short course on Australian Art over a few Saturdays in September. Zoom in to hear Griffith University Art Museum director Angela Goddard share the basics on a number of artworks and styles, present in the QAG collection.

I've only watch 30 minutes of it, but Caitlin has watched The Salisbury Poisonings on SBS and says it's amazing. It's getting incredible reviews. We both love a British mystery/crime type show, so if she says it's good I know it will be. 

I stumbled across this recipe for hummus with pickled jalapenos, it looks and sounds so yummy... 

Brisbane Writer's Festival has another fantastic online program called Room to Dream, 7 days of glorious artworks celebrating the importance of the arts and finding room to dream in these hard times...

I've found this instagram account for Beach Shacks of Australia, and oh my gosh I'm in love, I love a beach shack, so so divine! 

This BBC 3 skit I came across on facebook had me in stitches, a point well made I feel... 

I found this article on creating an untamed garden, I love this idea, I'm just going to do the veggie patch first, but one day I'll have a wild garden too...

Finally, I was thinking of my top 3 songs to dance too when life is hard. I don't believe anyone could listen to these and not start moving, let's all try it this week! 

1. Walking on Sunshine

 2. Hey Ya

3. September

Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting my little business, I'm sending huge love out into the world right now.

Take care, send me your recipes for the cookbook we're creating together, send me things you'd like me to share, or just say Hello, I miss seeing everyone through the shop so I always love catching up with people over an email! 

Have the best week you can,

Love love love galore,
xx Cate

(apologies I don't know why the last part of the email went into bold, mailchimp is weird sometimes...)  

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