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A friend of mine wrote to me the other day and expressed that she was concerned that I share so freely on social media and through the shop, but I don't know how else to be really. So once again I am going to overshare, because it's just what I need to do to survive!

Babes, I am really over it all at the moment! 

So, as I have gone on and on about, I am pregnant, and right now I am 33 weeks pregnant. I am having my baby at 39 weeks, and at this moment I don't know how I am going to survive these final 6 weeks because I am so tired, so big, so fed up with this body, and just generally exhausted from the whole thing - physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Please know I say all of this with a big healthy understanding of my privilege and how very lucky I am to be pregnant to a healthy baby, how lucky I am to live somewhere safe, how lucky I am to have consistent, quality healthcare throughout my pregnancy, how lucky I am to have so much in terms of access to everything I need (food, water, shelter, clothing), and how lucky I am to have support and help.

Still, right now, I need some inspiration! I have been trying very hard to continue to engage with things that inspire and interest me, to stop myself wallowing, and to remember that life is amazing. Beyonce's Homecoming just had me on cloud 9 for a week or two; I listen to Supersoul Sundays semi-regularly and that often interests me, I read Eckhart Tolle, I go to yoga, I watched the Brene Brown special on Netflix... but Honeys, this is not cutting it, I need some more goods right now, more inspiration, more motivation! 

So, I'm asking you all to please send me your inspiration, please help me find ways to push through this last stage of the pregnancy; to keep working hard on my little business which is a wonderful and amazing, but is also such hard and constant work (have you seen the retail figures this year...); to keep me being patient with my 4 year old, and being loving and kind in my marriage; to keep me healthy and active; and to continue to feel inspired and driven to make positive change in the world!

You can email me (, or even better comment below so others can read it too, but send me all the things my Loves, and I will share what works for me so others can benefit too.  

Huge thanks in advance, and if you're feeling or have felt similarly, please let me know - it's so depressing sometimes, it's wonderful to know when others have been through this and come out the other side... 

xx Cate 

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  • Dannis on

    Hmmmm!!!!! Knowing & understanding instantly the best kind of human you are…… we are “ just that”-HUMAN.
    Many years ago I knew someone just like you, that would be “me”.
    I tried to be, the best person, the best wife, the best mother, the best business owner, the best friend, cook, neighbour, school helper, sports egger-onner etc etc etc. What I got was chronic fatigue…….
    Cate, the biggest lesson I learnt is, its alright to take time out, its ok if you don’t answer your phone every time it rings, its great to stare at a tree, stay in your jammies all day, DO NOTHING without feeling guilt, pace yourself, say no Thankyou, miss out, rest your brain! Darling girl it’s not motivation you need, you have that by the bucketloads….. Could I possibly suggest you Simply LET GO of all but your family for now, GET SOME QUALITY REST & SLEEP.
    The world will look different from that perspective.
    I love you, awesome, awesome woman. Xdx

  • Jess on

    Hi Cate sending you all the good vibes! Thank you for always giving back to us & the community! Pregas & down to the last weeks is just tiring.. I remember that feeling with my 2nd & 3rd! Listen to yourself and be gentle, breathe when you need to slow down & dance whenever you can!! You got this & know we are cheering for you always! Thanks for being real xx

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