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Like Kinfolk and Co last week I’m not actually sure how I discovered Bon Label. I know that after I had Eddie in 2014 I bought some basics from Linda (Smyth, the owner and designer of bon label) in the previous iteration of her business. But when I actually began looking for ethical basics for Brown’s I didn’t realise that bon label was Linda’s reimagined business.

I did know however that the pieces were beautifully made classics, with perfect ethical pedigree – which is a hard combination to find. 

bon label was born out of Linda’s search for the ultimate white tee, and love of Parisian chic. She has created both these things with bon, her tees are the ultimate – they keep their shape, they wash well, they are 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, so they don’t take on body odour, and they actually do look Parisian chic. You all know by now (already!) that I’m not great with a camera, but below is my outfit today – a bon label Stripe Crew tee, with a little summer skirt and sandal, and honestly I am so comfy and feel super chic, and I’m wearing a tee! I also totally feel like Garance Dore…

I have been diving deep into the world of ethical fashion again over the last couple of weeks. Reading articles and listening to podcasts, and something that has struck me so hard is that the global fashion industry is harming people and the planet in the extreme, and most vulnerable to this are women and children. So the ethics of fashion is a social issue, but also a major feminist issue. Peppermint Magazine put this scary statistic up on their Instagram the other day.

Linda from Bon Label knows this; she understands the importance of fashion to women, and the impact of fashion on women. On her website she says this:

we love men, but it's no secret women make the fashion industry - and the world ;) - go round.   we believe in the sisterhood - the power of women banding together, supporting one another and bringing out the good in garments, and the good in the world.  fashion doesn't make the world go round but it's a really lovely place to start.

Therefore, finding an Australian designed, Australian made label that uses only GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and is accredited by Ethical Fashion Australia, and understands the importance of fashion, but also the impact of fashion generally is a gift. I feel really honoured to be stocking bon label at Brown’s, and want everyone to know their story and hopefully support us to support this kind of forward thinking, ethical business.

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