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I started following Delilah Devine on Instagram quite a few months ago. I saw the beautiful use of colour, the unique shapes, and the creativity that oozed out of every page of Linda Marek’s (Delilah Devine creator) website and decided I had to have her lovely things at Brown’s.

As I learnt more about Delilah Devine I realised what a wonderful fit Linda’s work was for Brown’s.

Firstly, I read on her website that it took Linda awhile to find the right career path for her, and life took the glorious twists and turns it does leading her to create Delilah Devine in 2009. Different in many ways, but an experience I can so strongly relate to, as I took a long time to find my path, and let life take me on all kinds of forays in the meantime, until a creative solution appeared.

Linda is based in the Adelaide Hills and is very tapped into the ethical opportunities for her business. She uses forestry certified wood in her wood pieces, her studio runs on renewable energy, and she uses recycled packaging materials to send all her times. She also works with Adelaide based suppliers, reducing the miles of each product, and she is committed to working with and supporting other local businesses. She also donates 10% of her online sales to Kiva (alleviating poverty through lending).

All of this, plus every piece is gloriously beautiful, wonderfully unique and sits at a very affordable price point. It has not been hard to see why Brown’s customers have just snapped Delilah Devine up.

I’ve said in my previous posts what a delight it is to meet and stock makers whose values so strongly align with ours, and who create truly individual product. But honestly, each time I reflect on a Brown’s brand I once again feel so happy and lucky to be doing this. It is our goal to make a living by supporting other local and ethical businesses to do the same and with labels like Delilah Devine it just feels like worlds aligning….

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