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j.s. and mopsi linen locally made maker stories

Brown's General Store has now been open almost 6 months, and I think I've said it 100 times already, but the greatest joy of having this business is the people I meet through it - both clients and makers/suppliers.

Early on in the piece when I was beginning to source stockists for Brown's I came across the work of J.S. and Mopsi at the beautiful Far Container at Vielle Branche at Albion. Gorgeous Sue from Far Container told me about the makers of these goodies, mother and daughter, Sharon and Jill, and I decided they had to form part of the collection we stock at Brown's. I just felt the pieces they make are truly uniquely beautiful, plus their values as makers were so in alignment with my values as a retailer. As I have got to know them better over the last few months I have fallen more in love with their creations and the gorgeous concept behind their business. 

The business combines the first letter of each of their names and their love of pugs (and they have a little pug Bernie), 'mopsi' means pug in a number of languages. And there is a French flavour to their work, like the French, they believe in making everyday objects beautiful and fit the overall aesthetic of a space. For instance, their stylish linen tissue box covers make daggy boxes of tissues look rather sublime! And their market bags made from gorgeous vintage French grain sacks are just glorious, particularly in comparison to the supermarket green bags...

They have also thought about every single detail of their making process and all of the elements that go into making a piece. Linen is their fabric of choice because it is natural, antibacterial, sustainable, sturdy and is both a fabric that improves with age and it always has a beautiful drape and fall. The thread they use to stitch each piece is the highest quality cotton, the press studs are rust free copper, and so on to the finest detail. Plus, each piece is designed and made right here in Brisbane by Jill and Sharon, a truly local, sustainable, ethical business. 

I know that everyone who has purchased a piece of their work loves it more and more with every wear, every play, every use; they make pieces that last and that look beautiful. It's also a wonderful bonus that Jill and Sharon themselves are just lovely people, and it's such an honour and joy to support them in their endeavours. 

This was a big thing for Nick and me in starting Brown's, we wanted to make a living by supporting other likeminded makers to make a living, what a wonder it is when that aligns so sublimely as it does with J.S. and Mopsi. 

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