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I don’t actually remember how I discovered Kinfolk and Co, Instagram most likely, it’s so easy to dive deep on there and find many, many beautiful things.
As soon as I found Kinfolk  and Co I had a bit of  jealous tingle up my spine as I scrolled through glorious images of delicious-looking, wholesome food; Kinfolk and Co creator, Aysha, looking positively angelic cooking or gathering food on farms. Mostly though I was struck by the simple, classic ceramic, wood and linen Kinfolk and Co products. They looked not only beautiful, but very useful – large bowls for mixing, carefully carved chunky wooden spoons, big round wooden boards. 
This was a few months ago in the early days of imagining Brown’s, but despite being in the development phase I contacted Aysha straight away. I had that piercing fear that someone else in the area would find this gorgeous range and stock it and I’d miss out!
Luckily though I was quick enough. The next time Aysha visited Brisbane we met for coffee, and after we chatted for a while, discussing the many shared values and ideas we have about life, she showed me her wares. I loved them all. I loved too that Aysha was the curator and designer of the collection, but she had outsourced the making to some of the best craftspeople in the Northern NSW area. I thought this was so clever, but true to good ethics and building community. I also liked her, and for me in creating this business a personal connection with the maker is very important.
On her website Aysha writes that Kinfolk and Co is about providing functional, well made, natural kitchen items that form part of the process of cooking wholesome foods. As soon as I saw the pieces I knew this was true, they are gutsy, well made items, while still being aesthetically stunning.
I feel immensely proud to stock this beautiful range at Brown’s and I also feel so lucky to have met Aysha, I feel we’re going to have a lovely professional friendship over the coming years. I am learning through this gloriously challenging process of opening a shop+gallery that this is key for me, that sense of shared values around the importance of things being well made, built to last, ethically created while still being aesthetically appealing. These are values that seem to not only be reflected in products, but in all of life, and it’s so wonderful to meet these like-minded souls.

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