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I can't remember how I discovered the beautiful label Wild Wattle and their gorgeous pieces, probably down the rabbit hole of Instagram as with so many things I find these days. I do remember falling in love instantly with the work of sisters Anita Miles and Lisa Grant and knew that I had to have their pieces in Brown's. Their creations and their approach to making personified everything I wanted for Brown's. 

The sisters live and make in the Blue Mountains in NSW, and it is clear that they love where they live as every piece is reflective of that stunning landscape, the colours, and the flora and fauna that is found there. 

Their practice is varied, they make ceramic bead necklaces, some in chunky earthenware dipped in glossy glazes, others in softer stoneware or porcelain with painted patterns and mixed in with wooden beads. They make small, details silver earrings, little round ceramic studs in soft pastel and gentle colours, as well as the most amazing drop earrings in a biodegradable material with recycled sterling silver wire. 

They also hand carve tiny wooden vases for dried flowers and leaves, and small ceramic vases that can hold a tiny bit of water to keep a fresh blossom alive.

Each piece they create is slightly different, you can see that they are carefully crafted by hand - the beads are all round and about the same size but with slight differences; the vases are carved with certain details; and the earrings have gentle differences in glaze and shape. 

Many of the silver pieces are cast, and some of them in moulds created from local plants - such as the gumnut necklace. 

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Anita yet, but Lisa came and visited me in the shop last year, and it was such a joy. She was just as I imagined her, so calm, creative, inspiring and just lovely to know. They also support the Hope for Health community-led project, which supports Yolngu women in Arnhem land to combine traditional knowledge with modern nutrition and alternative healthcare practices. 


I say it quite often but I just love supporting these wonderful makers through Brown's, they all have such awesome stories and are focused on making beautiful things, and having a positive impact on the world. 

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