Maker Stories: Will and Bear

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Babes, it's been a couple of weeks between Maker Stories, but I am so committed to sharing more stories about the amazing people that design and make everything we stock at Brown's. It has always been a massive intention of this business to showcase and stock ethical, local and handmade products; but of course as we build the business we are just diving deeper into our learning and our commitment to this being the road that we drive this business down.

One of the labels that I had from day one of the business that I just grow more and more impressed and in love with daily is Will and Bear. Loz and Alex are such impressive people, and in my next life I'd like to come back as one of them! They were inspired to start the brand during a road trip through Tassie, and from day one their approach was slow, gentle and thoughtful. 

The idea for Will and Bear hats was gently coaxed into life, and every step of the design and making process is carefully thought out. The hats are made from Australian Wool, they are crafted in Mongolia by expert milliners in family factories that meet all fair trade and global certification standards, and for every hat sold ten trees are planted through the Plant a Forest Project

They have also extended their excellent work through a recent research and development project where they have looked at using all recycled and natural materials to make their hats - coconut husks, newspaper, plastic bottles, paper bags and more. 

Honestly, having a shop is a lovely thing, but the reason we do what we do is because we want to support makers to continue to create their amazing, world changing products. If we can sit on the edge of that change, and help them a little, then we feel honoured! And we will definitely keep stocking and supporting Will and Bear. 

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