Maker Story: Melanie Kienzle Aquarelle Cards

I thought it would be nice for you to get to know the makers we stock at Brown's, and so I've been contacting some of these amazing creatives and asking them key questions, and for a photo of themselves so you can learn more about the amazing people behind the beautiful, handmade and ethical goodies we stock at Brown's! 
First up is Melanie Kienzle who creates Aquarelle Cards.
I asked her 3 questions so we could all get to know her better.
1. Can you tell me what you most love about creating your gorgeous Aquarelle cards?
I really love painting flora & fauna, especially the Australian varieties, like my magpies. Sharing these creations makes my heart happy! I am also really proud that I’ve managed to keep everything recyclable and the production as local as possible (in-home packaging, printing in Australia, sourcing Australian made envelopes). 
My next set of cards will even be printed on recycled paper!
2. Can you tell me the thing that is hardest?
The most difficult thing would be coming up with new content. Just like writer’s block, it can be really tricky to get back to a creative place. Sometimes I do smaller sketches and paintings to try and keep moving forward. Also painting when the kids are at home is nearly impossible. 
3. What's keeping you sane in this difficult year?
I’ve found digital drawing on my iPad has been a good way to unwind. Unlike traditional art, I can simply hit the undo button and go back a few steps and try again. It’s much less frustrating than the real thing. Also reading novels (the real ones with actual pages!) instead of scrolling the news or socials at bedtime.

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