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It is so so hard to pinpoint my favourite item of clothing as they all have a story and a much loved place in my closet.  I used to be a rampant, vintage hoarder, raiding opp shops and my Nonna's closet for the most outlandish items. I literally had 3 wardrobes in my bedroom to house everything and over 100 shoes which sat on the floor - makes me sick thinking about it! Thankfully now I have a far more considered and minimal approach to what makes it into my tiny wardrobe with a real emphasis on new locally made or transparent supply chains, or both.
That being said, my hero piece today is my thrifted, woven 80's oversized blazer! I bought it over 10 years ago at the peak of that vintage hoarder phase and while cleaning out my parent's garage last year, (sadly a place where all my old beloved treasures went to rest, with their fate sealed in boxes upon boxes waiting for a garage sale) I came across it with a new Marie Kondo sense of joy. 
Even though its pretty 'statement-y' I have no qualms about wearing it all the time. I have taken it with me to all the fun things and it makes me feel so boss. There is something about an 80's shoulder pad that just makes you feel powerful.  I also love it because it is second hand, so a big plus in the sustainability department, it is super versatile and has longevity. It teams well with all my minimal pieces; like my Kowtow organic cotton tees and of course my Two Hills hand made earrings which I adore.

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