My favourite outfit with Cat Carew

Ethical Fashion Fashion Revolution

My favourite top is really a favourite outfit and it really shows how I wear my values not just on my sleeve.  
The red shirt I am wearing I made myself using some beautiful silk a boyfriend bought for me during his travels through India back in 1994.  I think it is hand loomed and is light as a feather.  The trim I used was bought when Easton Pearson closed down and they had this amazing sale of clothes and trims.  I was in heaven.  Since visiting the Museum of Brisbane’s exhibition on EP, I have discovered that this trim is handmade by a group of embroiderers called Shrujan Cooperative based in Kutch, India.  
I am wearing this top with some second hand red pants I bought off a client - as you know I help women find their style using what they already have in their closets.  These pants were to be sold on ebay (I do this for clients) but decided to buy them myself.  
My tassel earrings are handmade on the Sunshine Coast by BBPP Designs and I saw them coming out of the oven on instagram.  Luckily I found a stockist here in Paddington in a shop near you.  Love a tassel!
My shoes are old old espadrilles my mum bought for me in Spain and are the real deal.
Handmade, pre-loved, artisanal made items all come together to make a unique outfit I love wearing.  

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