Our Makers

Frank and Dolly's 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with the gorgeous Rach from Frank and Dolly's face to face, and it made me fall in love with them and their label even more.

Frank and Dolly's is an ethical fashion label run by the very special Joel and Rachel Cooper. This extraordinary couple create slow fashion and are transparent about their process! Designer Rachel creates colourful, beautiful designs, and then these are brought to life slowly and carefully by independent makers and dyers. Joel works on the administration, wholesaling, and selling side of things.

Here are the details of how the garments are constructed: 

All prices and time frames are set by the Makers, with no ‘middle-man’, but income going direct to the producer/artisan.

The Cotton is all grown in Indonesia, and woven at the Printing House. They are working on their official Organic Certification at the moment, and go to the Cotton Farms direct, purchase the yarn and then weave it at their workshop. The Rayon is processed in Indonesia, from all natural materials. 

We chose this company as the supply chain was only 3 steps and all local to Indonesia.. making its footprint on the planet light.

Step 1 -Farmer

Step 2 -Weaver/Dyer/PrinterStep

Step 3 -Our Tailor

The pieces are digitally printed and ethically made. The dyes are water based reactive inks that are certified with Oeko-tex Standard 100.