Opportunities for Impact

After seeing the film 2040 recently I wanted to share small, positive ways we can all have an impact on our beautiful planet. This helps me (and I hope you too) to realise that although there is a lot of negativity right now about the future of the environment, we can be part of the positive change! 

Community Composting

As hard as I have tried (I've watched Costa Georgiadis show me multiple times) I can't seem to build a proper compost heap, so instead we use the local community compost hub. In Brisbane this is pretty easy, you can collect a compost bin from your local city councillor, and then on the Council website there are links to community compost locations

In some towns, cities and areas my basic research shows that the local council actually collects compost with rubbish, which is amazing! 

Otherwise lots of local councils have information about how to compost or local composting locations. And here is a guide for composting in Melbourne I found on a great blog! 

But the best thing I found was a site called ShareWaste which is basically a site for people who want to compost and a place who want your organic matter for their compost heaps, worm farms or chickens! So good! Or you can donate little bits of money ($4) to help them do more.  

So why is composting important, what does it do? Firstly it keeps organic matter out of landfill this frees up space and it stops the creation of methane gas that happens when organic matter is in an airless environment. It also enriches the soil and reduces the need for chemical fertilisers when compost is used. And it encourages the production of beneficial bacteria that breaks down organic matter and is so good for soil and good soil is the lifeblood of the planet!