Speed Racer Pick Up Service

As busy parents, and busy people generally, we know that sometimes you need to organise a gift, or buy a frock/tie/pair of socks etc. on the run. Therefore at Brown's we now offer the Speed Racer Pick Up Service, you simply order your items through our online store (and select 'pick up in store' at the check out), or call the shop (07 3195 6968) and ask Cate to organise your purchase for you. You then pay for your item/s online or over the phone, and then Cate will get it all ready for you (gift wrap etc.) and then run it out to you in your car so you can speedily pick up on your way through Paddington! 

Simply call the shop (07 3195 6968) when you're almost at the loading zone/out the front of the shop (Shop 3, 19 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington) and Cate will run the parcel out to you. 

We realise that when you have children in the car, or animals, or it might be difficult for you to park, or mobility is an issue, this is an easy way to support people to still have a lovely, easy shopping experience with Brown's!