Carys Martin Conglomerate Mug
Carys Martin Ceramics

Carys Martin Conglomerate Mug

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Stoneware mug with beautiful runny glaze detail. 
Mug - Diameter 9cm /Height 9cm /Volume 330ml

These pieces are wheel thrown and then once the clay is leather hard the cups are trimmed and the cup handle is formed and attached. The plates are wheel thrown and have a foot ring trimmed in once leather hard. The clay used in this piece is a beautiful textural stoneware clay that fires to a dark toast colour. Once the piece has dried slowly, it is biscuit fired, and then glaze fired.

This design on my Conglomerate is applied using Japanese tissue transfer and hand painted oxide. I use wax resist to build up the layers of pattern. Each cup is unique whilst complimenting the rest of the series
This is a piece that takes many stages and processes to create and the end result showcases the care and love that has gone into its production. 

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