Daisy Cooper Platter - Blush Pink
Daisy Cooper

Daisy Cooper Platter - Blush Pink

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Handcrafted ceramic platter, perfect for entertaining.
Created from a slab of clay, each platter is then hand formed to create a one off piece that is functional and beautiful.

Approximate measurements: 39cm L x 14cm W
- Glazed High fire Ceramic Platter
- Food Safe / Dishwasher Safe / Microwave Safe
- Do not expose to thermal shock i.e very hot to very cold

About Daisy Cooper

Daisy Cooper Ceramics was founded in 2014 in London and since moving across the world to Australia, is now run from Daisy's home studio in Melbourne.

Growing up in rural Scotland and having a great love for the outdoors, influences and inspires Daisy's work. Searching for a sense of wilderness through her forms and colours, allowing each piece to bare the marks of the making process, much the same as the natural elements leave on the landscape.

Hand crafted using traditional hand building techniques, each piece is pinched from a ball of clay and crafted into timeless, functional ceramics that are designed to be used everyday and bring joy to anyone who uses them.

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