Marniie Flower Child Earrings - Silver

Marniie Flower Child Earrings - Silver

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Throw that peace sign in the air and embrace your inner flower child. 

Each pair is lovingly hand crafted and no two pairs of earrings is exactly the same. this ensures you recieve your own bespoke earrings. 

Made from Non Tarnish Brass or silver wire with brass or silver stainless steel matching wire. 

 Approx 4cm in length whole flower from base of ear wire.

Marniie is the childhood nickname of maker Briana Kennedy. When she found there was a complete lack of commercial jewellery for sale that was made with practicality and style in mind for busy women and mums she started making her own custom pieces. These caught the eye of friends and family and popularity grew from there.

She now creates from her home studio in Tasmania.

She carefully thinks out each piece with design in mind for busy women. Will it get caught on something? If your little one pulls on your necklace will it break? Earrings that won't fall out!

Each piece is its own unique little piece of art for you to wear and enjoy. Briana only buy my findings from Australian stores where possible to support other small business like her own.

She uses ECO friendly materials and packaging where possible because she believes we can all make a difference!

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