Rumble Sky Teardrop Eucalyptus Flower Earrings
Rumble Sky

Rumble Sky Teardrop Eucalyptus Flower Earrings

Regular price $80.00
Medium sized, smaller than the statement sized teardrops.
7cm in length from top of hook to bottom.
3.5cm wide and just under 1cm in depth.

Eucalyptus blossom, lichen, wattle and native leaves collected locally and preserved then arranged in a gorgeous pattern to create these one of a kind unique and gorgeous earrings. 
A truly real snap shot of the beauty of our Australian bushland. Flecks of gold leaf sparkle out from between the botanicals.

These earrings are made with a lot of time and love and dedication put into each piece. 

With these earrings you will find all 925 sterling silver components. Rumble Sky uses international standard sterling silver that is nickel and lead free. 

These earrings are amazing and the black resin makes them even more stand out! 

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